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General Provident Fund          GPF Rate of Interest  from 01.04.2013 - 8.7%



The General Provident Fund was instituted on the 1st August, 1909 under the Government of India, Finance Department Resolution No. 2986-P, dated 14th June 1909 to encourage public servants in India to make prudential savings. The responsibility for the administration of the various Provident Funds rests with the Government for making the rules and hence all matters relating to the administration of G.P.F. (Maharashtra) therefore be referred to the Government of Maharashtra in General Administration Department, in Mantralaya.

The office of the Pr. Accountant General (A&E) I Maharashtra Mumbai is maintaining GPF account of around 2.33 lakh employees pertaining to Western Maharashtra/Mumbai Region. The Accounts maintained by Accountant General (A&E) I, Mah., Mumbai are prefixed with MH The maintenance of GPF is governed by Maharashtra General Provident Fund Rules.

Services rendered by GPF Group of this office

  1. Posting of credits/debits in the accounts of subscribers on a monthly basis from pay bills and vouchers. Noting of NRA/ORA sanction orders in the accounts of the subscribers.

  2. GPF final payment to the subscribers on quitting service/death.

  3. Transfer of Balance in respect of promotees allotted new account numbers under GPF and in respect of subscribers changing accounting jurisdiction.

  4. Intimation to DDOs regarding eligibility of Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme in respect of GPF subscribers who died while in service.

  5. Issue of annual account statement to subscriber

  6. Redressel of subscribers grievances.

Initiatives taken by GPF Group of this office

  1. Credit/debit postings are fully computerized in Oracle platform by which maximum accuracy, transparency and speed is maintained

  2. Peripatetic Parties are floated for touring different districts of Maharashtra to obtain information required to clear unposted/missing credits/debits, date of birth, date of appointment and also details of GPF schedules received in incomplete form. Due to interaction/visit of party has helped to update data base to a great extent.

  3. Dy. Accountant General level workshop, adalats were conducted in various district of Maharashtra to educate Drawing and Disbursing Officers regarding the correct requirement of this office for maintenance of GPF and also to redress the complaint of DDOs /subscribers. Last workshop /adalat was conducted in Thane in the month of Feb-2011.

  4. IVRS facility is available by which subscribers can obtain the details of GPF such as balance, missing credits if any, status of FR application etc. by entering the date of birth. IVRS No. is 022 2207 4001.

  5. The above details are also available on this office Website. GPF slips are also hosted in the web site and subscribers can download the same at any point of time.

  6. This office also has Public Relations Officer to redress the complaints of the subscribers.

  7. GPF final payment cases are computerized in a program developed inhouse team of this office since April 2011 . Now the programme is run parallely.